Procede Software has Partnered with Worldpay from FIS for Strong, Secure Payments

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Worldpay, a payment processing Certified Partner who provides a highly secure, point-of-sale and mobile payment processing platform for Procede Software customers based in the U.S.

This partnership provides an integration with the Excede Dealer Management System (DMS) that enables credit and debit card transactions, as well as ACH payments, through a one-step payment process. Payments tie-out to bank statements, and related reports eliminate the need for line-by-line reconciliation. This integration also works seamlessly with Excede Signature Capture, which provides a defensible electronic signature solution for in-person transactions.

“One of the things we strive to do is make payments as seamless and intuitive as possible in order to provide exceptional experiences for business owners and their customers,” said Gary Schofield, head of partnerships, global integrated payments and SMB eCommerce, merchant solutions, Worldpay from FIS. “Working with a solutions provider like Procede Software will bring new efficiencies to businesses craving streamlined systems.”

As we continue to seek high quality Certified and Alliance Partners who provide value for our customers, the decision to partner with Worldpay was a natural choice given their upstanding reputation and long tenure in the payment processing industry. A globally recognized company, Worldpay joins Procede’s extensive partner network to help your dealership advance the customer payment experience.

“Having the right payment processing solutions provider is important to any dealership,” said Larry Kettler, CEO of Procede Software. “With over 40 years of experience in the credit card processing industry, Worldpay has a proven track record and are committed to offering payments across all point-of-sale solutions.”

Worldpay offers Level 3 credit card processing, which provides a significant increase in security over other payment processing options. Level 3 credit card processing enables more detailed transaction information to be conveyed back to buying organizations via their issuing banks. This allows organizations to more carefully track where money is going and why. Because extra information is required, fraud becomes less likely and reduces the risk of credit card abuse.

Other benefits of the Worldpay Integration with Excede include:

  • More consistent uptime for credit and debit transactions.
  • Simplified recurring payments with card on file programs.
  • Access to almost any acquirer through the gateway services with a single integration, and improved security with Point-to-Point Encryption, EMV and tokenization functionality.
  • Dealerships may enable acceptance for magnetic strip cards, EMV, NFC, and other emerging payment technologies.
  • Secure point of sale terminals (wired and wireless).
  • Real-time reports from the merchant portal.

Ready to Get Started?

Worldpay is compatible with Excede Payment Processing v2.0. The Worldpay integration and Excede Payment Processing v2.0 are now available to all Procede Software customers on Excede® DMS v9.22.4 or higher.

If you are interested in partnering with Worldpay for your dealership’s payment processing needs, please contact Chad Blubaugh at and Che Powell at If you then wish to have the Worldpay Integration installed, please submit a work order request via our Customer & Resources Portal (login required.)