Procede Software Releases Excede® DMS Version 9.21, Lease-Rental Web App

The latest version of Procede Software’s industry-leading DMS software offers improved features and functionality to help streamline operations in Lease-Rental and other dealership departments.

Procede Software, a leading developer of enterprise-level Dealer Management System (DMS) software and services for the heavy-duty commercial vehicle and automotive industries, has announced the general release of Excede® DMS version 9.21 and Lease-Rental Web App v1.0.

The latest version of Excede offers a bevy of new features designed to benefit Lease-Rental and other dealership departments. This improved DMS functionality is extended even further by the concurrent release of the v1.0 Lease-Rental Web App, a seamless add-on developed by Procede that supplements the Lease-Rental module in Excede. Procede says customers upgrading to the latest version of Excede DMS can expect an enhanced lease-rental module and billing system. A few new features available through the upgrade include the ability to: create a substitute vehicle Lease-Rental contract, post vehicle orders for automatic accounting, and create rental reservations. In addition to Lease-Rental, Excede v9.21 brings enhancements for Vehicle, Service and Accounting departments.

“The latest version of Excede DMS has greatly benefited not only our Lease-Rental department, but our entire dealership,” says Clay Corley, Owner of C&W Nationalease. “With Excede and the Lease-Rental Web App, we’ve been able to improve transparency across departments, simplify data access, and manage our operations in a much more efficient way.”

In addition to the new release of Excede, Procede also released their new Lease-Rental Web App, a web-based tool for creating lease-rental contracts and bills. The web application allows users to gain efficiencies through faster lease and rental meter entry, easier rental reservations, and a vastly improved set of Lease-Rental reports. It can also benefit other dealership employees as a standalone application for setting up reservations, checking vehicles in and out, and producing bills.

“The Procede Software Lease-Rental Web App is a robust tool to help busy Lease-Rental businesses get their work done quickly and efficiently,” says Eric Liddell, Director of Product Management and Integrations. “With Excede DMS and the Lease-Rental Web App, dealerships with Lease-Rental operations have everything they need to run and grow their businesses more effectively than ever.”