Procede Software announces integration with sales-i business intelligence

View sales analytics using data from Excede® DMS, generate reports and measure sales performance against target levels; manage customer accounts and track buying behavior

Comprehensive sales analytics platform sales-i has partnered with Procede Software to enhance the Excede Dealer Management System (DMS) for the commercial trucking and heavy duty industry. Excede’s sales-i integration v1.0 is available to all dealerships using Excede DMS v9.19 or higher.

With the sales-i integration, Excede DMS users will be able to:

  • Access their sales analytics data and generate detailed sales reports anywhere, at any time
  • Measure performance against dealership objectives for each sales representative, branch, product or customer
  • Manage customer accounts and track typical buying behavior all in one place
  • Answer questions like “Who has bought brakes but not suspension this month?” and “What should this customer be buying from me?” in seconds

Procede Software CEO Larry Kettler commented on the sales-i integration, stating “Business Intelligence and digestible analytics should be an integral part of any Dealership ecosystem. Our goal is actionable reporting for every user in every department of our dealerships. Our partnership with sales-i gets us one step closer to this goal.”

Dealerships that implement the sales-i integration can expect more productive client calls, a measurable sales increase and the ability to make data-driven business decisions. Dealerships such as Nelson International are already recognizing the benefits:

“sales-i combines business intelligence with a user-friendly CRM, making it a great tool for any parts sales team,” said Casey David, Nelson International Director of Sales and Marketing. “This software eliminates common excuses, provides powerful insight into parts sales data, and helps the entire dealership perform and communicate at a very high level.”

Kevin McGirl, sales-i co-founder and President, added “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with the team at Procede. We want to ensure that dealership salespeople have a competitive advantage with one-click access to actionable data that will maximize their sales performance.”

To learn more about the sales-i integration, including pricing details and technical requirements, please submit a work order request via the Procede Software Customer & Resources Portal.