Procede Software Unveils Excede v10, the Leading DMS Provider’s Most Significant Release

Boasting a new, modern user interface, v10 focuses on ease of use and efficiency to improve performance in heavy-duty truck dealerships.

Leading heavy-duty truck dealer management system (DMS) provider, Procede Software, announced the unveiling of Excede v10. This new release of their industry-leading DMS boasts a modern user interface that improves user productivity and overall dealership performance. The latest release was not only designed to customize the user experience, but also enables users to instantly search for relevant information, while increasing productivity and providing the ability to seamlessly upgrade to new versions.

“Excede v10 marks an unprecedented moment in the history of Procede Software, by delivering a complete overhaul of our user interface, and the development of many new and improved features,” said Larry Kettler, Procede Software CEO. “Plus, version 10 is the most reliable and stable release we have ever delivered, having gone through extensive testing and user feedback.”

Excede v10 represents years of continuous evolution and innovation, by focusing on performance and productivity across all departments, as well as delivering enhancements that solve real dealership challenges. At every touch point, the company says there was an effort to deliver familiarity in function and design while leveraging the power of the platform on which Excede is built.

“Excede has continuously progressed over the 12 years since we first implemented it,” said Kim Mesfin, President of Affinity Truck Center. “This latest release is familiar, even easier to use, and offers a clean modern interface with enhancements across all departments.”

The new software release delivers a robust dealer management system for any heavy-truck, distributor, bus and trailer dealer, with user-friendly search features that enable dealerships to process customers faster than ever. Dealerships can now personalize users’ workspaces and customize Excede with their branding. In addition, a new Auto Updater feature makes it possible for dealerships to manage automatic system updates as they become available.

“Excede v10 is a fully-developed software solution,” said Brian Harrison, CEO of Harrison Truck Centers. “We love the auto updater for easier deployment, the in-column filtering for quicker access to data, and the level of customization. Our employees will be better able to jump into Excede v10 and have a better feel for it right out of the gate.”

Procede Software says Excede v10 lays the foundation for even more efficiencies to come and the company will continue to improve workflow to keep pace with the evolving needs of dealerships, so they can continue focusing on profitability and growing their business.

Procede Software will be demonstrating Excede v10 at the 2019 ATD Show in San Francisco January 24 through January 26, 2019.