Procede Software Announces Release of Excede DMS v9.22

Procede Software, a leading software developer of dealer management systems for the heavy-duty and commercial vehicle industry, has announced the general release of its Excede DMS v9.22. This latest version of Excede DMS comprises a vast set of functional and user experience (UX) improvements intended to help drive performance, productivity and effectiveness in dealerships across the United States and Canada.

Excede DMS v9.22 has been designed in collaboration with Procede Insiders, a broad cross-section of highly engaged Procede Software customers who provide vital insight on new products. From front-line employees to dealership management, Procede collaborated with their Insiders across multiple departments to improve product functionality while also maintaining the integrity of the core application.

“I am so excited that we upgraded to version 9.22 because of all the new features it has,” said Monica Gramlich, Chief Financial Officer of Beltway Companies. “These improvements have allowed our dealership to do things even more efficiently than before.”

As an Insider, Beltway was one of five dealerships directly involved in the Beta and Pilot testing of this release. Along with the other dealerships involved, Beltway had the opportunity to drive the direction of Excede product development.

“Our product roadmap is built with and directed by our customers,” said Shawn Butler, Procede Director of Product Marketing and Strategy. “We have formalized the Insider Program as a strategic way to engage with customers as early as possible in the development process to assure products are delivered on-time and on-target. This release of Excede is the latest example of how this program works to help Procede deliver on its obligations to our customer base.”

The result is a product that optimizes workflows, increases the speed of key processes, decreases keystrokes and minimizes steps—while simultaneously maintaining system reliability and overall behavioral consistency. And all of this continues to leverage the partnership between Procede and Microsoft, and the SQL database architecture of these products.

“We continue to leverage the decision Procede Software made over fifteen years ago, to build an innovative Dealer Management System for the Heavy-Duty Truck industry using Microsoft technology and SQL Server,” said Larry Kettler, CEO.  “As dealerships continue to evolve, we remain intensely focused on listening to our customers in order to deliver more than ever.”

New functionality in Excede DMS v9.22 includes Company Purchase Orders, shareable advanced searches, ad hoc parts additions and far more. These improvements result in a product that is easy to support and decreases dealership training costs.  A full list of features and improvements is available upon request.