Procede Software Streamlines and Simplifies Critical Dealership Shipping Processes with the Release of Excede UPS Integration v1.0

The integration is the latest example of the company’s approach to third-party integrations which entails identifying proven partners and building intuitive integrations that simplify daily dealership operations.

March 19, 2024 — Procede Software, a leading heavy-duty commercial vehicle dealer management system (DMS) and solutions provider, today announced the release of the Excede UPS Integration v1.0, which is designed to streamline dealership shipping processes by integrating them directly into Excede. Shipping is a high-volume, time-consuming activity that takes place in every dealership and represents a key opportunity to create broad business impact across Procede’s entire customer base. The integration reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to listening to its customers and delivering solutions that measurably improve daily dealership operations.

CEO Larry Kettler said, “Dealership operations are extremely complex, and having to switch between systems to handle high-volume tasks like shipping is a universal challenge. At Procede, our continuing commitment to our customers is to listen to them, identify key opportunities to streamline and simplify their daily operations, and integrate those critical processes into Excede to make them easier and more intuitive to do.” Kettler continued, “The Excede UPS Integration v1.0 is just one more example of that approach in action.”

About the Excede UPS Integration v1.0

The Excede UPS Integration v1.0 streamlines and simplifies UPS shipping tasks by integrating them directly into the Excede system. Dealerships that use the integration no longer must switch between Excede and a separate UPS website for shipping-related tasks, which saves time and significantly reduces errors associated with data re-entry. The integration supports a variety of shipping options, customized package dimensions, and real-time rate calculations. It enables customers to generate shipping requests and labels and track shipping information on parts orders and invoices.

The Excede UPS Integration v1.0 was developed through the Excede Insider Program, which is a cornerstone of the company’s user-centered design strategy. Participants in the program provide input into Procede’s product roadmap and test new solutions to ensure ease of use.

Eric Fortin, Senior Vice President of Product, said “In our interactions with Excede Insiders, we are continually on the lookout for high-volume processes that require them to switch back and forth between multiple systems or to enter the same data in multiple places. We prioritize development and integration in these areas, bringing them into Excede wherever possible, to drive maximum value across our customer base.”

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About Procede

Since 2001, Procede Software has been a leading provider of enterprise-level Dealer Management Solutions (DMS) for the heavy-duty truck and ancillary markets. Serving dealer locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia, the industry’s leading dealerships trust Excede to run their business because of its full functionality across all dealership departments, high reliability, and strong integration with their OEM providers. Excede, its powerful DMS, leverages the strength of Microsoft® SQL technology to provide advanced Windows® and browser-based applications with real-time information.