2023 PSC Partner Webinars

Want to learn more about some of the Certified Partners that will be exhibiting in The Pit Stop Expo? We have several on-demand webinars available in the Customer & Resources Portal (login required).

Click the webinar title to watch the video and get an overview of the integration before chatting with the representatives at the PSC.

Accelerate Cash Flow with Quicker Electronic Payment Acceptance for A/R Customers
Billtrust is the leading provider of accounts receivable (AR) solutions with integrated payments for over 100 dealer groups across the country. The integration with Excede allows dealerships to save time and money by automating manual AR processes including delivering invoices, accepting and processing payments, and streamlining reconciliation processes.

Learn how the integration with Excede can help your dealership reduce costs, get paid faster, and meet diverse customer needs.

A Customer Story: Finding Success with Payment Automation
In today’s business environment, dealerships are compelled to seek new solutions that enable efficiency. By leaving manual processes behind and investing in a digital payment solution, Accounts Payable teams can turn their finance departments from cost-centers to revenue-contributors.

Learn how customer Affinity Truck Center found success with payment automation. This webinar provides a real-world look into how the finance department of a premier new-and-used truck dealership uses payment automation to help streamline its accounts payable process.

▶ Eliminate Paper-Based Processes with Excede and DocuPhase
DocuPhase allows you to focus on running your business while providing the practical tools to automate business processes and document management, saving your staff valuable time each week.

Learn how the integration with Excede can help eliminate the need for paper-based processes and manual tasks from the day-to-day management of your dealership.

▶ Streamline Your Accounts Receivable with Excede & IBS
IBS is a full-service accounts receivable management program provider, offering cash flow and billing solutions to the heavy-duty commercial truck dealership industry. The IBS integration with Excede allows dealerships to outsource their A/R department with minimal touchpoints – real-time credit authorizations, automatic payment clearing, and invoice batching are just some of the features.

Learn how the integration can streamline your everyday transaction processes, reduce credit risk, improve your dealership’s performance by increasing cash flow, and how the solution can be used across different departments.

▶ Asset Management Integration with Excede Lease Rental Plus
Record360 offers industry-leading software for digital asset condition management, claims management, and analytics to aid dealerships that rent, lease or move their assets to record asset condition to decrease damage disputes and costs. The integration with Excede offers a faster, seamless experience for dealerships to use Record360 to document vehicle conditions.

Watch this informative presentation to learn about how the Record360 integration with Excede Lease Rental Plus can help your dealership decrease damage disputes and costs.