Elite EXTRA Expands Software Product Suite to Offer End-to-End Last Mile Solutions

Elite EXTRA, a logistics software company based out of Eau Claire, WI, has been a leading provider of delivery management software in 50 industries globally since our inception in 2009. But as the last mile logistics space has continued to evolve and customer demands have grown, we realized that our customers’ needs have expanded beyond route optimization, driver tracking, and other delivery management software features.

These features remained a core part of streamlining our customers’ delivery operations, but what were our customers to do when they were experiencing driver and staffing shortages? How could they keep up with customer demands for faster delivery? What about product returns? Returns are a necessary part of any delivery operation, but many of our customers have been dealing with a costly and inefficient process for managing them.

With our 15+ years of industry experience, we knew these were challenges that we could help with.

The Elite EXTRA Software Suite
So, recently, we at Elite EXTRA have expanded our software suite and built two entirely new products to further solve the challenges of last-mile delivery. Included in this software suite is our flagship delivery management software (Routing & Dispatch), our third-party delivery platform (Delivery Network), and our returns management software (Returns Automation).

Our brand and product offerings may have changed, but Elite EXTRA still prides itself on developing innovative solutions that keep companies on the cutting edge and offering second-to-none customer support. Those values remain the core of what we do and are the force that drove our innovation to develop these new products. Learn more about each of these products below:

Routing & Dispatch
Routing & Dispatch is Elite EXTRA’s flagship product designed to simplify and streamline delivery operations. Through optimized & automated routing technology, the solution ensures faster deliveries for your customers and lower logistics costs for your company. Real-time ETA’s, driver tracking, and customer notifications keep your team and your customers up-to-date on every delivery’s status. You can also ensure a unified and enjoyable customer delivery experience through our customizable EXTRA Driver mobile app that walks drivers through the entire fulfillment process.

Optimized Route Planning
Customer ETA Alerts
Automated Routing and Dispatching
Real-time GPS Tracking and Driver Mobile Application

Delivery Network
Delivery Network is one of Elite EXTRA’s most innovative solutions yet. With it, you gain access to some of the largest delivery fleets on the market, such as DoorDash, Uber, Roadie, and more. Quickly compare costs and delivery times of numerous third-party fleets (or your internal fleet) and seamlessly send orders to your preferred option. Best of all, contracting and billing are handled by Elite EXTRA so that you can get connected with millions of delivery drivers in minutes!

Third-Party Delivery with DoorDash, Uber, Roadie, and many more
Provider ETA and Price Comparisons
Delivery Automation
Centralized Billing and Contracting

Returns Automation
Returns Automation is Elite EXTRA’s newest solution that brings much-needed clarity and organization to the product returns process. Through a returns dashboard, your team can stay informed on the status of every return with ease: from return authorization to credit issuing. Your customers will also have a portal to enter and request returns seamlessly. What makes this product truly innovative is its automation engine that can automatically authorize or reject product returns based on your returns policy.

Automated Returns Authorization
Returns Policy Enforcement
Integrated Customer Portal
Digital Returns Chain of Custody

For more information on Elite EXTRA’s technology, please contact Elite EXTRA at sales@eliteextra.com or visit www.EliteEXTRA.com.