How to Remember Every Sales Conversation Using Voze

As technology makes it easier than ever to connect with prospects and customers, the role of a sales rep is more important than ever.

Yet, the job of a sales representative is not without its challenges. Two of the biggest hurdles many reps face are following up with customers, and remembering the details of conversations. For example, a rep might forget what they said or ask about, whether they agreed to something or not, and what the next steps are going to be. This can happen when taking notes on a yellow pad, on sticky notes, or using the Notes app, and later transferring those notes into another system, such as Excede.

Thanks to the partnership between Procede Software and Voze (formerly Telenotes), sales teams are already taking advantage of automatically having their sales notes “transcribed” and posted to a customer record along with calendar reminders, tasks, and follow-ups all from a single Call Note through the integration between Voze and Excede.

They also have access to historical archives of notes in Excede when they need them.

Customer Contacts, Employee and Repair Order (RO) information will be automatically synced between Excede DMS and Voze, eliminating the need for double data entry, and ensuring that both systems’ data are always up-to-date and in sync.

“This partnership is an example of when traditional sales processes and pervasive technology come together and offer an innovative and clever solution to our industry,” said Larry Kettler, CEO of Procede Software. “By greatly reducing time on administrative tasks, such as transcribing notes and entering data into multiple business systems, sales professionals can focus more time serving their customers’ needs, which is what dealerships want.”

Voze is a solution that helps dealerships strengthen their relationships with customers, have a better understanding of those customers, energize their sales efforts, and grow the potential for increased revenue. It includes follow-up functionality to help sales teams identify prospective leads and set scheduled reminders to contact customers.

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Don’t miss Voze at the 2022 PSC! The Voze team will be exhibiting in the Pit Stop and will be able to answer any questions about the integration with Excede.

Voze is the #1 Sales Acceleration Platform for commercial truck dealerships, and our goal is to help your sales reps stay focused on selling by giving them a way to talk, not type their customer call data.