PSC Newsletter Feature – Arcadium Technologies

Since 2002 Arcadium Technologies, LLC has been a leading provider of CRM, vehicle inventory, and vehicle sales management tools to heavy-duty truck, trailer, and equipment dealers. Arcadium’s industry-specific tools boost productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction in all departments by automating the customer contact process and accurately detecting customer trends based on past purchases and current interests. Arcadium’s complete and seamless integration with Excede allows authorized dealership personnel to have a real-time 360⁰ view of vehicle sales, parts, service, and accounts receivable activities at their fingertips.

Dealerships need systems that streamline their customer management, inventory, and vehicle sales processes.  Arcadium’s software is built to provide information and tools where and when they are needed.  The integration with Excede, as well as with several truck manufacturers, includes vehicle inventory management, customer management, and vehicle sales process development. All of these components are customized and unique to each dealership with the ability to produce localized and state-specific documentation for each deal which is ultimately pushed to Excede for final deal posting.

Dealer Principals and Executive Management are always concerned about productivity.  Arcadium applications make dealership users more productive while providing executive-level views of customer interaction, sales pipelines, and current vehicle inventory levels for both on-ground and on-order units.

Arcadium provides Sales Management with the tools that informs them in real-time of how their sales group interacts with customers. They can quickly identify and act on aged unit inventory with detailed, accurate data on a per-unit basis that assists them in making timely and appropriate decisions about how to market and sell those units.

Additionally, the software allows salespeople to manage their group of clients easily through interactive dashboards that keep their active sales opportunities in front of them.  Customer information is easy to retrieve and includes customer operational sales year-to-date down to invoice level detail, vehicle sales histories with drill down to vehicle specifications and a global view of customer activity from all areas of the dealership.

The CRM applications track and report all open opportunities from your vehicle sales and operational sales staff by salesperson and client respectively, with no more guessing about what is active, when it should close and how these activities should be forecasted. Parts outside sales staff and other remote sales individuals can also use the Arcadium CRM mobile module to add new prospects make contacts and document events all in near real-time using voice-to-text.

The Vehicle Inventory Management system and the integration with Excede provide both the sales and administrative groups with the unit detail and status levels as they are updated in either system.  A large pain point with inventory is getting the appropriate data in synch between Truck Paper and your dealer website.  Arcadium has developed a robust integration with Truck Paper and has been offering it to our clients for over a year which saves the dealership staff time and effort while eliminating duplicate entry issues.  The same level of integration can push to the dealer’s website as well – providing a single point of entry.

Arcadium is exclusive to heavy truck, trailer, and equipment dealerships.  Any dealership that struggles to understand how they are relating to their customers, is seeking to identify and market to customers and prospects, lacks or needs to enhance their sales processes, and wants to better manage their unit inventory is a great prospect for Arcadium’s applications. Let us show you how we can assist you to achieve your operation’s productivity and sales goals!

Representatives from Arcadium will be in the Pit Stop Expo during the 2022 PSC and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the integration with Excede.