Announcing Excede v9.21 & Lease-Rental Web App v1.0

Procede is proud to announce the general availability of Excede v9.21. This major release of our core Dealer Management System includes a wide range of new features and functionality for Lease-Rental and other dealership departments. This new DMS functionality is extended even further by the concurrent release of the v1.0 Lease-Rental Web App, a seamless add-on to Excede, and a vastly improved set of Lease-Rental reports for Data Insight.

New Excede Features

Lease-Rental Department

  • New Reservation and Returned statuses are available on contracts.
    • Reservation. Since the same vehicle can be reserved for different customers or time periods, a unit can exist on any number of Reservation contracts.
    • Returned. This status allows a returned vehicle to be reserved or rented again without having to completely close the contract at the time of return.
  • Insurance policy information has been moved to the customer record and will auto-populate on new contracts when valid.
  • Vehicle meter readings can be added and updated on the vehicle record. A new Meters tab is available on the vehicle record for these entries. Posting bills with metered charges will also automatically update the unit to the new meter reading for all meters on the bills.
  • It is now possible to create a substitute vehicle Lease-Rental contract. Substitute vehicle rental contracts will follow their own specific set of rules and link to the original Lease agreement.
  • Intuitive Lease-Rental codes, including specific charge types for Odometer and Hours, plus subcategories for hours and time, make it easier to track meter entries and create bills.
  • Code Pricing setup allows for automatic price setting for specific codes based on criteria through Excede, including pricing for specific customers, specific vehicle types, pattern matches, the use of Card Rate settings and a new formula feature.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance can be setup to automatically apply to a vehicle or group of vehicles with a new field to specify Vehicle Type, as well as the Meter Type under Service Jobs. Meter Type is also now available under the vehicle record for vehicle specific jobs.


  • Depreciation GL entries can be made automatically.
  • New features are available to better handle posting vehicle orders for automatic accounting, including accounting for accumulated depreciation balances on sales.
  • Dextor can be invoked to create a Recurring Entry, and dealerships can import their own Dextor-compatible custom amortization worksheets.

New! Lease-Rental Web App v1.0

This web application is an optional add-on for Excede v9.21+ that is intended to offer faster lease and rental meter entry, and easier rental reservations. The web interface also includes access to key DMS information related to Lease-Rental operations, including searchable Bill, Contract, Customer and Vehicle pages. Key features include:

  • When you log in, the Dashboard page displays interactive tiles with quick links (shortcuts) to common tasks.
  • Rental reservations can be created using a simple, intuitive workflow, followed by a simple check-in and check-out of rental vehicles.
  • It’s easy to create substitutes for leased vehicles. If a leased vehicle breaks down, for instance, substitute rental vehicle can be setup in seconds.
  • Lease-Rental billing functionality allows for the quick entry of meter readings—such as refrigeration unit hours, engine hours, odometer miles or kilometers—and the creation of usage billing automatically.
  • The web application has been written to support seamless integration of telematics information, allowing you to fetch real-time meter readings on telematics-equipped vehicles. For new installs, telematics are disabled by default. Dealerships interested in utilizing telematics should contact Support Services for information on pricing and setup. Please note, the initial release of the application is solely compatible with the telematics provider CyntrX®.

New! Data Insight Lease-Rental Reports

Reporting is an integral part of managing your Lease-Rental operation. In order to provide easy access to even more real-time business intelligence, Data Insight’s standard Lease-Rental reporting package has been completely overhauled to include several new and improved reports:

  • Expiring Entity Maintenance shows Contracts and the expiration date of the Insurance Policy, Drivers Licenses and Plates.
  • Rental Revenue Detail uses the Balance Forward schedule to show revenue per vehicle.
  • Rental Fleet Status displays the number of units in certain states (i.e., Available, Rented, Deadline, Substitute and Total).
  • Preventative Maintenance shows all units with scheduled jobs, including an option to filter for only those with jobs overdue by date or by meter.
  • Yard Check shows units on the lot, a history of rental activity and more.

Additional new (or updated) reports also include Profit & Loss, Fleet Profile, Service & Billing History, Units by Return Date and many more.

Ready to Get Started?

If your dealership is ready to start taking advantage of the all of this new functionality, please contact us or learn more in one of the following ways:

  • For customers running previous versions of Excede, we are committed to helping you upgrade and take full advantage of the enhancements now available in v9.21. There will be a nominal installation fee for the setup of the new Lease-Rental Web App. To upgrade and schedule the install, please contact Support Services.
  • For a complete list of the changes made in Excede v9.21, please review the Release Notes on the Customer & Resources Portalunder: Procede Customer & Resources Portal » Excede Resources & Downloads: Excede v9.21 Release Notes (Login required.)
  • Visit the Procede eLearning site to view the Excede DMS New Version Features course that provides an overview of key product changes from v9.20 to v9.21, including a section dedicated to the Lease-Rental Web App.