Lease Rental Interface

Announcing New Improvements to our Lease-Rental Solution

Did you know, that in addition to the Lease-Rental functionality that is built into Excede, we also have a web application that provides faster lease and rental meter entry, improved lease-rental reporting, and easier rental reservations? Previously known as the Lease-Rental Web App, we are excited to announce the release of Excede Lease Rental Plus v2.1, with even more functionality and a new name to match.

Lease Rental Plus provides a streamlined way to manage vehicle reservations. Customers can check vehicles in and out with ease with the ability to enter meter values and create a final bill at vehicle check-in in one step. The web interface also includes access to key DMS information specifically related to Lease-Rental operations, including searchable Bill, Contract, Customer, and Lease Rental Vehicle pages.

To ensure we added features that would be most beneficial to you, we worked closely with our customers to learn where we could improve both the functionality and appearance of our product. One of those customers was California Truck Leasing.

 “As a pilot user on Procede’s Lease Rental Plus, I have been very impressed with the effort Procede’s product team has put into improving the customer’s experience and releasing a quality product,” said Steve Russler, General Manager of California Truck Leasing. “From creating reservations to preparing invoices and checking in vehicles, they focus on the details that matter. They have been very receptive in responding to my comments regarding adding additional features and fixing issues, all of which prove this company cares about their customers!”

In addition to the aforementioned updates, a few additional key feature enhancements in this release include:

Enhanced Reservation Process

We’ve made pivotal updates to the reservation process to include the ability to add new customers, add new insurance or attest that external insurance is valid, support different tax rates on metered items, eliminate the requirement to enter driver information during reservation, and support unique vehicle type and customer-specific rates, along with many others.

Supports New Features Added to Excede v10

Lease Rental Plus supports all the new lease rental features added to Excede v10. This includes support for automatic time calculation for rental contracts, the option to create separate bills for a customer with multiple open contracts, the ability to use a different method for determining metered charge tax rates, and support for multiple miscellaneous defaults.

Improved Billing

We have enhanced the billing process in this new release, including support for Geotab telematics to automatically collect monthly meter data to create bills. The bill preparation has been streamlined to handle all types of contracts, including those that do not have meter charges. We’ve also added functionality to restrict a user’s ability to add, edit, and delete bills before posting on the Bills Details page.

Updated Permissions

There are cases where access to some branches needs to be restricted when using Lease Rental Plus. This is now supported by workspace permissions. Users can now create a workspace that restricts access to lease rental Excede functions.

Expanded Telematics Integration

Lease Rental Plus v2.1 integrates with telematics providers CyntrX and Geotab.

Telematics enable Excede Lease Rental Plus to dramatically simplify contract billing preparation by automatically collecting odometer and engine hour readings. Lease Rental Plus polls the telematics cloud-based servers to gather this data in real-time, eliminate phone calls, emails and other time-consuming methods to prepare contract bills. The end result is a substantial decrease in meter entry time, cost and errors.

Ready to Get Started?

Lease Rental Plus v2.1 is compatible with versions of Excede 9.22 and above.

  • If your dealership is interested in learning more about Lease Rental v2.1 or would like to schedule an install or upgrade, submit a work order through our Customer & Resources Portal.
  • If you do not have an earlier version of Lease-Rental Web App, please note a one-time setup fee will apply.
  • If you do not have an earlier version of the CyntrX integration, or want to add the Geotab integration, submit a work order through our Customer & Resources Portal and our Sales team will provide you with pricing details.
  • For a complete list of features and enhancements, please review the Lease Rental Plus v2.1 Release Notes in the Customer & Resources Portal under: Procede Software > Excede Resources & Downloads > Resources – Lease Rental > NOW AVAILABLE – Lease Rental v2.1
  • Visit the Procede eLearning site to view the Lease Rental v2.1 course that provides an overview of key product changes.
  • To learn more about the difference between Lease Rental Plus and core Lease-Rental features in Excede, review the “How Does Lease Rental Plus v2.1 Compare with Excede Lease Rental?” article on the Customer & Resources Portal.