Announcing the General Release of Data Insight v2.1.1

Following our recent release of Data Insight v2.0, we are pleased to announce the general release of Data Insight v2.1.1, the latest version of our advanced business intelligence tool. Data Insight v2.1.1 includes several new updates and enhancements designed to provide better navigation and an improved user experience.

Key new upgrades include:

Login improvements

The Report List will load much faster, allowing you to login and get to work more quickly. Stored procedures are now loaded separately from client logins and are only loaded into the server cache when a report is opened or built that requires the data.

Report and dashboard thumbnails

Graphical thumbnails will be displayed in v2.1.1, making for a much improved graphical Report List and easier navigation.

Menu and navigation updates

The v2.1.1 header bar has been overhauled to reduce the amount of vertical space that is used, so there is even more room to see your reports on every page. The new header also provides several additional improvements, including a contextual page title (e.g., “Report List”) to assist in navigation, and a new “hamburger” menu (≡).

The Settings menu, previously the gear icon, will now be a submenu under the Hamburger menu and allows users to access common features and various setting options. The options listed in the Hamburger menu are based on the role of the logged-in user (Report Viewer, Report Writer, Administrator, etc.)

Additional data sources without restrictions

In prior versions of Data Insight, there were two sets of restrictions that controlled where tables, views and stored procedures in the Excede database could be included as data sources in reports: 1) The first restriction was a hard-coded limitation where only Excede native data sources could be used (and not customer-created stored procedures); 2) The second restriction was enabled via selections on the Stored Procedures page (deprecated in v2.1). Both restrictions have been removed. Custom tables, views and stored procedures in the Excede database now appear as available Report data sources by default, and the Stored Procedures page has been removed entirely.

Easier refresh of data sources

In the past, changes to data sources (e.g., changing column name in a table) would not easily update in Data Insight. To overcome this, there is now a manual “Refresh Sources” link under the Hamburger / Settings menu that allows users with appropriate privileges to force a source update at any time.

SQL functions in field expressions

To provide Report Writers who have SQL experience with more flexibility, Field Expressions now support more SQL Functions. These new SQL functions can be used to convert data types, count values, calculate differences, check values and round values. Nested CASE statements are also supported.

If your dealership is not a current user and you would like to purchase Data Insight, please contact Support Services (Login required).