Announcing the General Release of Decisiv v4.0

Procede is proud to announce the release of Decisiv Integration v4.0. As one of Procede’s Certified Partners, Decisiv offers a suite of OEM-specific Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions “for fleets to effectively manage and measure internal and external service and repair events to drive uptime and asset availability”. Our Decisiv Integration allows important information in Decisiv to be synchronized with Excede, without any manual or duplicate entries.

Just a few of the many notable features of the v4.0 integration are:

The ability to create new Repair Orders (ROs) in Decisiv and export them to the DMS
Excede customer data is regularly exported to Decisiv by a new scheduled task
Condition, Cause and Correction information is automatically posted back to Decisiv once ROs are closed in Excede
Responses to parts pricing requests from Decisiv to the DMS will now include the best pricing option from either managed parts or price tapes, depending on part status and inventory on hand
You can now add miscellaneous and sublet items to an Excede RO from Decisiv, even after the initial RO push from Decisiv (but previously pushed items cannot be updated)
Decisiv Integration v4.0 will be white-labeled depending on your OEM as Decisiv, MVASIST or WheelTime LINQ. This integration is compatible with Excede DMS v9.18, v9.19 and v9.20. The pending v4.1 and v4.2 releases of Decisiv will be compatible with Excede v9.21 and v9.22 respectively (but will not have any other significant changes).

For a complete list of features and enhancements, please review the Decisiv Integration v4.0 Release Notes in the Customer & Resources Portal under: Procede Software > Integration Notifications & Downloads > Decisiv Inc. > Decisiv Integration V4.0 – Release Notes