Announcing the General Release of the sales-i Integration v1.0

Procede has partnered with sales-i, provider of a comprehensive sales analytics and business intelligence tool, to offer an integrated sales analytics solution. This new Excede® sales-i Integration v1.0 is available to all Procede customers on Excede v9.19 or higher versions.

With the sales-i Integration v1.0, Excede users can access real-time sales analytics data and generate detailed sales reports. Users can also manage customer accounts, track typical customer behavior, and identify cross-selling opportunities. In addition, the sales-i interface allows Excede users to measure their dealership’s sales performance against revenue goals, and break down sales performance by sales representative, product line, customer, and dealership branch.

Shawn Butler, Procede’s Director of Product Marketing and Strategy, noted that, “As the heavy-duty truck space becomes increasingly competitive, dealerships are looking for new ways to measure and improve customer engagement. This integration with sales-i allows dealership sales representatives to improve their sales performance using near-real-time data imported directly from Excede.”

Casey David, Parts Sales and Marketing Director at Nelson International, also commented, “By combining business intelligence with a user-friendly CRM, sales-i is a great tool for any parts sales team.” David continued, “This software eliminates common excuses, provides powerful insight into parts sales data, and helps the entire dealership perform and communicate at a very high level.”

Dealerships that implement the sales-i Integration v1.0 can expect more productive customer calls, and the ability to make data-driven business decisions. This business intelligence tool can also help your dealership to achieve a measurable sales increase.

Ready to Get Started?

If your dealership is ready to start taking advantage of the sales-i integration v1.0, please contact us or learn more in one of the following ways:

  • For customers wanting information about pricing details and technical requirements for this integration, please contact
  • For customers wanting to obtain the sales-i integration v1.0, or wanting to upgrade to Excede v9.19 or higher to ensure compatibility, please submit a work order request via the Procede Software Customer & Resources Portal.