Introducing Signature Capture v2.1

In an age where paper documentation has become nearly obsolete, many dealerships are searching for ways to transition to entirely paperless processes. This holds true when collecting signatures on important dealership documents. Procede’s Signature Capture application eliminates the need for signatures on paper by providing dealerships with an electronic signature capture solution for in-person transactions, such as confirmation of charges, service estimates and approvals for large orders.

Recently, Procede Software released Signature Capture v2.1, an ample upgrade from an already robust suite of capabilities. A few of the many notable features and enhancements in the latest update include:

  • Signature Preview Enabled: You may now accept or reject user signatures after viewing them in the Excede Wizard. This helps your dealership disapprove inadequate or inappropriate signatures.
  • Custom Branding Option: You can add a level of personalization by customizing your branding in Signature Capture v2.1 to show your own dealership or branch-level name and tagline.

These features and more are now available with Signature Capture v2.1. To upgrade or implement Signature Capture, please contact our support team by submitting a support ticket via our Customer & Resources Portal.