Leasing and Rental Tasks Made Easier with Excede Lease Rental Plus v2.2

Procede Software is excited to announce the general release of Lease Rental Plus v2.2! This is the latest version of our web-based application that helps dealerships efficiently manage the administrative tasks associated with vehicle leasing and rentals. Lease Rental Plus v2.2 includes several new updates, enhancements and improvements to the workflow.

Highlights of this new release include:

Easy Access to Customer Insurance Coverage

The new release makes it easy to access the information needed to manage customer insurance coverage. Vehicle Book Value information is now shown within the Reservations workflow when depreciation is set up in Excede. Book Value is also shown on the Vehicles Details page in the Summary pane.

Simpler Workflow with Updated Integrations

Enhanced integrations with CyntrX and Record360 provide improved workflow and productivity within the Excede environment for Record360 and CyntrX customers. The Record360 integration directly links to uploaded media (images, videos) for contract and vehicle transactions within the Record360 portal. In addition, users can pull info such as mileage, fuel level and engine hour information as they enter this data into the Record360 mobile app during the check out and check in process.

The latest CyntrX integration eliminates the need for CyntrX to turn on daily polling for a specific dealer. This results in getting up and running quicker once the integration has been installed in your environment.

Improved User Experience

Along with these new features, Lease Rental Plus v2.2 provides workflow improvements for substitute vehicles, faster access to vehicle rate information and numerous bug fixes that will provide a better experience.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact our Sales team to learn more about Lease Rental Plus. Or to schedule an install or upgrade, please submit a work order through our Customer & Resources Portal (login required).

You can also learn more about the latest release by following the links below (login required for all links below):

Lease Rental Plus v2.2 is compatible with versions of Excede v9.22.4 and above. If you do not have an earlier version of Lease Rental Plus, please note that a one-time setup fee will apply.

If your dealership is not currently contracted for the CyntrX or Record 360 integrations, please submit a work order through our Customer & Resources Portal (login required) and our Sales team will provide you with pricing details.