The New Excede Time Clock is Now Available!

Procede Software is pleased to announce the general release of the Excede Time Clock, our new web-based application combining the functionality of the attendance clock and the shop clock. The Excede Time Clock signifies the beginning of a major shift in delivery method of Excede DMS, as the Time Clock runs completely within any modern web browser and does not require an installation on each computer. Because it is web based, it can be run on as many computers as a dealership would like, and can even be used for call-out repairs with a mobile data connection.

Excede Time Clock beta tester Jen Frankman, Project Manager at Interstate Companies, Inc, has found that the Excede Time Clock is extremely helpful in her company’s shops. She says, “Procede’s new web-based Time Clock has been a fantastic upgrade to the current Attendance Clock/Shop Clock. The interface change has made it significantly easier for our technicians to use. We’ve also seen a reduction in the administrative time to correct punches since there are fewer technician errors clocking on/off separate time clocks.”

Excede Time Clock is offered to existing customers for a nominal implementation fee, but with no upfront or monthly fees. To learn more about Time Clock, watch the webinar on the User Forum here (login required):

Excede Time Clock is compatible with Excede DMS version 9.18 and higher. If you are not on a current version, please contact Support Services to schedule your upgrade now and take advantage of the improved functionality in the latest version of Excede, including the new Time Clock.

If you’re looking for ways to save, the Professional Services team is also offering a discounted package to install both the Time Clock and Excede Rapid RO (formerly Mobile Quick Add). Submit a support ticket to take advantage of our new features and functionality available now for your dealership.