Procede Software and sales-i Host Informational Webinar

Thank you to all our dealership customers who participated in our informational webinar with sales-i, a Certified Partner of Procede Software. The webinar provided a demo of the sales-i business intelligence solution that has been integrated with Excede.

In this webinar, we discussed how the sales-i integration v1.0 can help your dealership achieve outstanding parts sales performance using sales analytics data pulled directly from Excede. Additionally, sales-i allows your dealership’s sales team to manage customer accounts, track typical customer behavior and identify cross-selling opportunities. The integration can also measure the revenues generated from each sales representative, product line, customer and dealership branch, as well as create detailed sales reports.

If you missed the webinar and would like to receive a personal demo of the sales-i integration with Excede, or have further questions about this integration, please contact Matthew Ockrim, Sales Manager at sales-i, by emailing:

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