From the Desk of Larry Kettler: Reinvesting in Ourselves to Ensure Customer Success

As Procede Software celebrates its 20th anniversary as a leading dealer management solutions provider, we’re proud to look back at how far we’ve come and where we’re heading in the future.

Our company continues to grow at a rapid pace, and to keep up with the demand, we’re hiring talented team members and developing our resources so that we can serve you better. Our customers are experiencing this growth alongside us, and during this time, we want to thank you for being a part of the journey. Across Professional Services, Deployment, Implementation, and beyond, rest assured that our hardworking team is here to help you upgrade Excede, convert your database, and bring your new dealership acquisitions onboard.

As you can imagine, with this growth comes certain challenges; in particular, the challenge of maintaining operational efficiency, while simultaneously scaling our company. Despite these challenges, we continue to reinvest every penny back into our business, so that we can strengthen our company that has been serving this industry for over 20 years.

While Procede Software isn’t the same company that we were just a few years ago, we are made up of the same great people and are leading more talented individuals into this resilient and essential industry. To celebrate those of you who have been a part of this evolution, we are featuring customers on the Procede Software website, including how they have successfully leveraged their partnership with Procede and the technology in Excede.

And, in terms of customer success, I encourage you to take advantage of the resources in this newsletter. Firstly, we released Excede Asset Management, our latest Accounting solution piloted by our dedicated Asset Management Insiders. For customers using our Time Clock Web App and Service Board solutions, we’ve provided a reminder that these older versions will soon be retired. We also announced Bennett Whitnell as our Director of Business Intelligence, a role in which he’ll drive the adoption of our award-winning business intelligence platform, Excede Analytics, giving you greater insight into your business’ performance.

Finally, if you’re looking for more information about our dealer management solutions and available resources, please email, and a member of our Customer Success team will be happy to reach out.

We look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,
Larry Kettler