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4 Ways Excede Hosted Services Can Reduce IT Complexity and Risk for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Dealerships

As the world becomes increasingly digital, enterprises are becoming even more dependent on their IT teams, and those teams must make strategic decisions about where to invest their time and energy. As a result, many businesses that rely on on-premise servers are transitioning to cloud deployment options for their critical business systems. It’s an important decision—one that can not only relieve overburdened IT teams of the responsibility of managing on-premise servers, but can also reduce costs, complexity, and risk.

For these reasons, heavy-duty vehicle dealerships are increasingly choosing to run their DMSs in the cloud, and at Procede Software, this means more customers than ever are choosing Excede Hosted Services. With Excede Hosted Services, Procede hosts your Excede web applications and database in the cloud. You get all the benefits of Excede’s relational database, unparalleled data access, and real-time reporting capabilities without having to deploy Excede servers on-premise.

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Dealerships that choose Excede Hosted Services stand to benefit in several key ways:

  • Better clarity around costs – Provisioning, maintaining, and upgrading servers can be expensive, and it comes with hidden “soft” costs like labor and electricity to power and cool equipment. With Excede Hosted Services, not only are costs more predictable, but you also have better visibility into the total cost of ownership.
  • Enhanced security – A recent study by cybersecurity provider Sectigo found that more than 40% of small and medium businesses reported cyberattack targets on at least a monthly basis. Excede Hosted Services, which relies on Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting, provides enterprise-level security. You’ll also have the added advantage of always being up-to-date with the latest software security patches.
  • Improved scalability – Dealership needs change over time, whether for growth or for downsizing, which makes scalability a core concern for any infrastructure-related investment. With Excede Hosted Services, dealerships can easily scale their IT needs without the expense and complexity of adding servers. They also benefit from outsourcing time-consuming, manual upgrades since these are done automatically by Procede.
  • Increased uptime/availability – Dealerships can’t afford to shut down – or even slow down – due to IT equipment not functioning properly, so it’s important to put processes in place to reduce downtime and support data integrity. With Excede Hosted Services, which includes 24/7 proactive monitoring and 99.9% guaranteed uptime, dealerships can greatly minimize these concerns.

By outsourcing software hosting for critical business systems like their DMS, heavy-duty vehicle dealerships can better manage costs and reduce risk and complexity. Customers that choose Excede Hosted Services get all the benefits of Excede’s relational database, unparalleled data access, and real-time reporting capabilities without having to deploy Excede servers on-premise, freeing them up to do what they do best—serve their own customers.

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