Is Excede Hosted Services Right for Your Dealership? 5 Questions to Help You Decide!

More heavy-duty vehicle dealerships than ever are moving critical business systems to the cloud—and that includes their dealer management system (DMS). It’s a big decision and one that can deliver big benefits. With Procede Software’s cloud offering, Excede Hosted Services, for example, you get all the benefits of Excede’s relational database, unparalleled data access, and real-time reporting capabilities without having to deploy Excede servers on-premise. Plus, you get increased clarity around costs, more uptime, enterprise-grade security, and enhanced scalability.

For more information on how to reduce IT complexity and Risk, see the article 4 Ways Excede Hosted Services Can Reduce IT Complexity and Risk for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Dealerships.

Still, hosted services may not be right for every dealership, so we’ve put together the following five questions to help you determine if Excede Hosted Services is right for you.

1. Do you have the necessary IT support to manage on-premises servers?
Dealership IT teams are busier than ever, so they must be strategic about how they use their time and resources. If your IT team is struggling with bandwidth or resource constraints, Excede Hosted Services might be a good solution. They’ll no longer have to manage software upgrades, security planning, or implementations at new branches, and can use the time savings to address other issues.

2. Is the current state of your on-premises server set-up meeting your needs?
If your servers are slow, aging, or inadequate and you’re considering investing in new infrastructure, or if your dealership is growing rapidly and you have an ongoing need to expand your server space, it might be a good time to make the switch to Excede Hosted Services. Conversely, if you’ve recently invested in new servers and anticipate that they’ll meet your needs for a while, it might make sense to delay the transition.

3. Is your team set up to handle downtime and maintain business continuity?
No dealership can afford to have their critical business systems offline, so preventing issues that could cause downtime and having a plan in place to get things up-and-running again should an issue occur are essential. Dealerships can minimize the risk of downtime with Excede Hosted Services, which includes 24/7 proactive monitoring and 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

4. Are you concerned about security or data breaches?
Security is critical in today’s digital, online world, and implementing security protocols and practices and preventing data breaches are a top priority for heavy-duty vehicle dealerships. If your IT team loses sleep worrying about how secure your data is, then Excede Hosted Services, which delivers enterprise-level security, may be a good fit for you.

5. Does your current cloud services provider understand your business?
Every business has different needs, so it’s important that your cloud services provider understands your needs—your hours of operation, your busy times of the day and season, the unique needs of each department, and potential business risks. A partner that knows your industry and can offer a unique solution that addresses these risks can provide even more value to your operations.

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