Get Up-to-Speed on Excede Barcode Scanning v2.0 with Our New eLearning Videos

Last month, we were excited to announce the release of Excede Barcode Scanning v2.0, the latest version of our barcode scanning solution suite of apps.

In support of this launch, our Education & Training team put together a comprehensive set of eLearning videos to help your dealership personnel get quickly up-to-speed using Excede Barcode Scanning v2.0. These eLearning videos cover the three main components of our barcode scanning solution: Parts Receiving, Parts Inventory and Bin Management. 

Parts Receiving
The eLearning videos for the Parts Receiving app introduce learners to the process of scanning parts when shipments are received and help them to memorize the basic workflow of using the barcode scanners to receive parts.

The videos also demonstrate how the Parts Receiving app immediately updates Excede with the parts’ quantities received once they’ve been scanned, as well as other important data related to parts orders. An advanced video walks learners through ‘what if’ scenarios that may arise when scanning received parts.

Parts Inventory
An in-depth video on our Parts Inventory app reviews the entire three-phase inventory process with learners, whether you use annual or cycle counts at your dealership.

This video covers everything from the steps that your personnel must take prior to scanning parts inventory, both in Excede and in your warehouse, to the scanning process itself and the ‘what if’ scenarios that could happen during the parts inventory process. It also provides an overview of any follow-up tasks that must be completed after your inventory count is complete, such as addressing exceptions, write-ins and doing recounts.

Learners can skip through to the parts of the video that are most relevant to their role or the task at hand, making it easier to re-watch the video in the future if they need a refresher on a certain topic.

Bin Management
The online training resources also include an eLearning video on our new Bin Management app, designed to facilitate reorganizing your dealership’s warehouse. The video demonstrates the two modes available in our Bin Management solution: Parts mode and Bin mode. So whether your personnel are changing parts bins or moving entire bins, your learners will get the information they need.

Ready to Get Started?
Visit our eLearning Portal (login required) to enroll in our training videos on Excede Barcode Scanning v2.0.

To learn more about Excede Barcode Scanning v2.0, including new features and benefits, Excede compatibility, and how you can have the solution installed, please read the full announcement here.