Navistar Certified DMS

When It Comes to Being the #1 Navistar-Certified DMS by Number of Rooftops, Integrations are Just the Start!

Earlier this year, we were excited to learn that Excede is the #1 Navistar-certified DMS by number of rooftops. This news means the world to us! As a company that is exclusively focused on the success of heavy-duty truck and commercial vehicle dealerships, we set a goal early on to have the healthiest, most collaborative OEM relationships in the industry. Our ongoing enhancement of Excede, particularly around the required OEM integrations is a key part of our approach, but there’s a lot more to it than that. To make sure we live up to the bar we’ve set for ourselves, we also dedicate team members and development resources, closely align with Navistar strategy, leverage the strength of our open API to build best-in-class integrations, and create opportunities for International dealerships to network with their peers and share best practices.

So, for both our current and future valued International dealership customers, we wanted to take a moment to explain what, beyond the key integrations you use every day, you are getting when you choose Excede as your DMS.

Accelerating Innovation with a Powerful DMS and an Open API
If you’re already a Procede customer, you know what a powerful DMS Excede is—it’s a proven, relational, SQL database. But when it comes to integrating with Navistar’s systems, it’s our open API that really sets us apart. The interoperability of the API means that not only can we integrate with Navistar’s proprietary systems, pulling information into Excede when and where you need it, Navistar can integrate with Excede, pulling appropriate and approved information out of it and into their systems. With both companies developing on the API collaboratively and independently, the pace of development is accelerated all the way around, so International dealers see more new integrations and enhancements, at a faster pace, with better quality data. That’s a win for everyone!

Building Healthy Relationships and Aligning Strategies
Early on, Procede Software made a commitment to proactively engage with OEMs and build collaborative, healthy relationships with them. And for Procede, that mean doing what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it. It also means having regular, ongoing communication. Both our team and Navistar’s meet often to align strategies, develop roadmaps for collaboration, and touch base on work in progress. Navistar, for their part, makes it a point to be at the annual Procede Software Conference each year, which is a great opportunity to bring International dealerships into the conversation and get their input on how we can all work together to make a meaningful impact.

Driving Operational Efficiencies through Peer Collaboration
International dealers that are part of the network running Excede are in a stronger position to gain operational efficiencies through peer collaboration and alignment with best practices. As Procede CEO Larry Kettler explains, there is strength in numbers: “The more stakeholders we are able to bring together—our own product and engineering teams, representatives from Navistar, and an increasing number of dealerships—the greater our opportunity to leverage our collective vision and insight to develop integrations that drive deep impact and genuine business results.”

What’s Next for Procede and Navistar
At Procede, that early commitment to building healthy relationships with OEMs has served us well, and we intend to stay the course. We will continue to build on our strong relationships with both Navistar and our International dealership customers, dedicate team members and development resources, align around strategic initiatives, leverage the strength of our open API to build best-in-class integrations, and create opportunities for International dealerships to network with their peers and share best practices.

When asked what’s next for Procede and Navistar, Deepthi Saragada, Director of Product Development, who oversees the development of integrations with their proprietary systems, summed things up by saying, “We are deeply excited about what the future holds for our relationship with Navistar and our International dealership customers. As we continue to find new ways to closely align our strategic objectives and development efforts, we will be able to advance out platform in ways that add value and help them achieve their business goals.”