Procede Software Integrates Record360 Asset Documentation into Excede Lease-Rental

Procede has partnered with Record360, the leading software for digital asset condition documentation and asset condition management, to create the Excede Record360 Integration v1.0. This integration provides dealers with Excede Lease-Rental v1.1+ an automated way to manage real-time visibility into asset condition and service needs across their customer base and multiple dealer locations. Asset condition management has traditionally been managed using outdated, slow, paper-based processes. With Record360, Excede Lease-Rental users will not only save time but are also likely to see reduced damage claims and related expenses, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Record360 offers app-based condition reporting software that allows dealers to automate the asset management component within their rental and leasing departments, by digitizing vehicle condition reviews. With access to the Record 360 app, dealers using Excede® DMS and Excede Lease-Rental will be able to:

  • Instantly view the latest video and photo inspections to quickly access the current condition of vehicles in order to expedite and resolve disputes and collect for damages
  • Review archived, historical condition reports to better track and gain vital insight on the physical condition of assets over time
  • Gain real-time reconciliation of asset documentation, images, and video across multi-location operations, which eliminates calls to compare the physical condition of trucks moving between dealership branches
  • Access much of the above via new, configurable links in Excede Lease-Rental

“The integration of Record360 into Excede® DMS is a perfect marriage of need and fit. Both Record360 and Procede have a shared mission to help dealers streamline and better manage operations by eliminating antiquated, paper-based processes,” said Larry Kettler, Procede Software CEO. “For over a decade, Procede has sought ways to bring all aspects of a dealer’s business into one central place. Our integration with Record360 now means dealers can oversee condition reviews in one central place too,” continued Kettler.

Shane Skinner, Record360 CEO and Founder, also commented, “The integration with Procede’s Excede® DMS continues to fulfill our commitment to current and prospective customers, including numerous PacLease, IdeaLease, and NationaLease dealers, by providing a one-stop solution to their technology needs.”

The Record360 Integration v1.0 is now available to all Procede Software customers on Excede® v9.22 or higher.

Ready to Get Started?

If your dealership is ready to start taking advantage of the Record360 integration v1.0, please contact us or learn more in one of the following ways:

  • For customers wanting information about pricing details and technical requirements for this integration, please contact
  • For customers wanting to obtain the Record360 integration v1.0, or wanting to upgrade to Excede® DMS v9.22 or higher to ensure compatibility, please submit a work order request via the Procede Software Customer & Resources Portal.