Nick Trinder – Customer Center

Because Excede DMS is Windows-based and so many people have experience with this type of software platform, it allows for faster, more efficient training of new employees.

David Mahaffey – Service

The Lincoln LFC6000 server-based fluid management system has really helped us account for all our oil and fluids, eliminate shrinkage, and increase profits. The Excede DMS interface is great as it allows for automatic billing. Our techs use their in-bay PCs to request and dispense oil and it gets charged…

Dennis Thompson – Customer Center

Procede Software’s products continue to help our dealership manage our operations. Year after year, they continue to listen to our feedback and update their product offering accordingly to ensure they meet our needs.

Cindy Bevan – Customer Center

Not only is the Procede team in tune with the needs of Mack and Volvo dealers, but they understand the complexity of the trucking industry as a whole. From providing essential integrations to seeking out partnersips with other industry experts, they deliver the tools we need to remain competitive in…

Scott McCandless – Customer Center

We chose Procede Software because they continue to advance their technology and move their solutions forward. Their products are built on a reliable platform that will scale with our growing business.

Tommy Jackson – Customer Center

I feel our switch to Procede has been an important factor to our ability to survive these tough economic times. Without the process improvement we have been able to achieve through the use of Excede DMS it would be a very difficult task to stay profitable today.

Gail Shea 2 – Customer Center

Excede DMS allows the user so much more direct access to the data than we had before. It allows us to easily find problems and correct them without using traditional reports that rarely show you the information you are looking for. In our five years with Procede we have seen…

Dan Stevens – Customer Center

I’ve been in this business for almost forty years, and Procede has the best business system I’ve worked with. If I were purchasing a new DMS today, I would purchase Excede.

Scott Schaible – Customer Center

While switching business systems is not an easy decision, we knew we made the right choice after selecting Procede as our new DMS provider. They worked tirelessly to make sure the data transfer went smoothly and equipped us with all the necessary tools and resources needed for a successful conversion.