Brad Wilson – Excede

We were looking for the best DMS to replace our outdated DMS of 13 years. After 4 years of researching the available DMSs we decided on Procede. Their 16-week conversion plan seemed extreme but proved to be thorough and well thought out. The conversion was more like having a consultant team assigned to us rather than a conversion team. We virtually redesigned the way our dealership operates. The go live weekend in September 2005 went extremely well and after the first week we knew we had made the right decision. Coming from a 1980s vintage text based DMS, it took us a year to fully grasp all the abilities of the Excede DMS software and SQL Server.

Excede DMS allows the user so much more direct access to the data than we had before. It allows us to easily find problems and correct them without using traditional reports that rarely show you the information you are looking for. In our five years with Procede we have seen a positive evolution of their product and support system. The staff has been excellent to work with and their user conferences have been key to their product improvement.

I feel our switch to Procede has been an important factor to our ability to survive these tough economic times. Without the process improvement we have been able to achieve through the use of Excede DMS it would be a very difficult task to stay profitable today.