Procede Software Announces Partnership with CRM Provider Telenotes

Procede Software has partnered with Telenotes, an innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. Together, we have developed a powerful integration with our Excede® Dealer Management System (DMS) to provide greater visibility into a sales team’s activity and performance.

With this partnership, sales people will be able to automatically have verbal customer notes “transcribed” and posted to a customer record, as well as access to historical archives of notes in Excede DMS when needed. In addition, Customer Contacts, Employee and Repair Order (RO) information will be automatically synced between Excede DMS and Telenotes CRM, eliminating the need for the double entry of data, and ensuring that both Excede DMS and Telenotes CRM systems’ data are always up-to-date.

“This partnership is an example of when traditional sales processes and pervasive technology come together and offer an innovative and clever solution to our industry,” said Larry Kettler, CEO of Procede Software. “By greatly reducing time on administrative tasks, such as transcribing notes and entering data into multiple business systems, sales professionals can focus more time serving their customers’ needs, which is what dealerships want.”

With Telenotes CRM, dealerships can expect to strengthen customer relationships, have more accurate customer insight, energize sales efforts, and grow the potential for increased revenue. Telenotes CRM also includes follow-up functionality to help sales teams identify prospective leads and set scheduled reminders to contact customers.

“The powerful data in Excede DMS now syncs with Telenotes CRM, closing the loop between selling activity in the field and what is happening in the office”, stated Tom Metcalf, President of Telenotes. “We are confident that this integration will simplify the workload for all field sales professionals, providing them with unprecedented customer visibility.”

To learn more about the Telenotes integration, including pricing details, version compatibility and technical requirements, please submit a work order request via the Customer & Resources Portal. Your dealership can also request a free consultation by emailing

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