Announcing the General Release of Time Clock v1.4

Procede Software is excited to announce the general release of Time Clock v1.4., the latest version of our web-based application that allows reliable tracking for both employee attendance and shop floor time in a unified way. Time Clock v1.4 includes several new updates, targeted enhancements, and customizable configurations.

Highlights of this new release include:

Improved Efficiency

The Jobs and Story pages now display OpsId paired with JobId, so technicians can consistently find this information and better manage their daily work plan. Technicians may also minimize “air time” and increase their efficiency by punching directly into the next job with no time between punches.

Technicians will also benefit from an option to copy their remarks to the correction field. And warranty users who need to efficiently share tech-entered information with the OEM for warranty approvals, can now reuse technician-entered remarks in the Correction field.

More Customization

Time Clock v1.4 offers customizable configurations. These include more customization options for break, wait, and complete buttons. To better accommodate a dealership’s workflow and processes, the break, wait, and complete buttons can be removed from the display.

Limit Attendance Details

Technician attendance time can now be shown or hidden. When hidden, only the name of the employee is displayed in the upper section of the program window and the “attendance ticker” details are not visible.

Bypass the Attendance Clock

Attendance clock can be disabled for certain employee roles by customizing several new Branch Communication Settings that are available for this purpose. Users that do not need to constantly track their attendance time can now go directly to their job list.

Enhanced User-Permissions

The Cause and Correction fields on the Story page can be set to non-editable (read-only), preventing users from modifying customer-facing text.

Additionally, dealerships may now allow editing on previous remarks. Legacy Time Clock included a feature for enabling access to remarks added in the application and this functionality is supported in the web app via a Branch Communication setting.

Time Clock v1.4 is now available to all Procede Software customers on Excede® v9.19 or higher.

Ready to Get Started?

If your dealership is ready to start taking advantage of these advancements, please contact us or learn more in one of the following ways:

  • For a complete list of features and enhancements, please review the Time Clock v1.4 Release Notes in the Customer & Resources Portal under: Procede Software > Excede Resources & Downloads > Resources: Time Clock > Time Clock v1.4 Release Notes
  • Visit the Procede eLearning site to view the Time Clock Feature Changes v1.4 course that provides an overview of key product changes.
  • If your dealership is interested in learning more about Time Clock v1.4, please visit the Customer & Resources Portalto enter a support request.

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